TG #22

Lake Judd Packrafting + Brewers’ Battle + Redmap – Tables Turned + Quoins


Exploring the Largest Glacial Lake of the Southwest

“…But you can always make it more difficult by carrying an inflatable boat on a 30ºC day!”

Nick Fitzgerald

The Battle of the Brewers

In a small little valley in the south of Tasmania, a war rages, every year.

Andy Wilson
Special Arrangement

What’s a Quoin?

Hidden mountains, strong corners


TG #21

Photo Tips – Wilkography + Tasmanian Cape Namesakes + Penitentiary Chapel Sphere + Redmap: Temperate Paradise


Ten Photography Tips – Wilkography

# 1 – Slow down…# 2 – Plan ahead but be flexible…

Ben Wilkinson

Namesakes of Tasmanian Capes

Discover the history behind some of the island’s most spectacular points

J. Moore-Robinson

Sphere: Campbell Street Penitentiary – The Chapel

Convict justice and reformation went hand in hand with Christian values…

Penitentiary Chapel

Redmap – Temperate Paradise

It’s almost as if it was on the Great Barrier Reef…(but it’s not)

Special Arrangement

TG #20

An Observer’s Guide to Rainbows + On the Trail of the Fijian Kauri + The Black Marble – Earth at Night + A Torch in the Dark – Light Painting


A Torch in the Dark – Light Painting

In the absence of sunlight, your camera is your canvas for painting with light…

Jasper Da Seymour