TG #27

In Issue Twenty Seven:
An Island Of Isthmuses, Explained + The First Muslims in Tasmania + Stowing Away on a Cruise Ship + Summertime Snow on Mount Anne


Summertime Snow on Mount Anne

Not all mountains deign to be climbed

Christopher Coxson

A Crystal Symphony

Have a look inside one of the massive cruise liners visiting Tasmanian waters

Special Arrangement

The First Muslims in Tasmania

Saib Sultan and Zimran Youram were the first Muslims in Tasmania. One survived a shipwreck, the other was a convict…

Bert Spinks

Neck and Neck – An Island of Isthmuses

The mystery explained- why does Tassie have so many impossibly narrow isthmuses?

David Hurburgh

TG #26

In Issue Twenty Six: Alone in the Storm + Huon Apples Part Two + Orbit + International Wall


The International Wall of Friendship

Did you know Tasmania has friends from all over the world?



International Space Station ISS fly over earth time lapse in HD. Compilation of NASA time lapse footage and

Special Arrangement

Apples of the Huon – Part Two

The Huon Valley is the apple orchard heartland of the The Apple Isle

Beth Hall

Alone in the Storm

“The day turns dark as the heavy cloud sets in. Only moments later the darkness turns a heavenly white. The mountain sings a loud song of sharp winds, and heavy snow.”

Tristan Stuart

TG #25

Lessons from Climbing + Huon Apples + Henty Sand Dunes + Overland Gear


Gear for the Overland Track

What should you bring on a trek through Tasmania’s highest mountains?

Warwick Sprawson