TG #30

TG #30: Tallest Flowering Tree Climb + The Aurora From Above + The Death of the Shearwaters + Ice Climbing


Climbing the World’s Tallest Flowering Tree

Observation, images, and photospheres from the branches of the world’s tallest flowering plant

Y.D. Bar-Ness
Special Arrangement

The Death of the Shearwaters

“When we think of wrecks, we think of shipwrecks, and the devastating power of the sea…”

Rebecca Wood
Wild Oates Productions

Five Questions – Central Asia

Can you identify the five “-stans” of Central Asia?

Special Arrangement

TG #28

TG #28: Artist on Flinders Island + Timeline of Tasmanian Aboriginal History + Delicate Sand Sculptures + Tassie Bushrangers


An Artist’s View of Flinders Island

“Each beach shares its fairytale in variations of aqua-blue water, white sand, chiselled arches and crimson rocks.”

Arwen Dyer