TG #23

Darwin’s Great Tree + Climbing Mt Murchison + Tafoni on Dromedary + Redmap – Captain


Redmap – Captain’s Address

From the Captain- Join the quest to see the true effects of ocean warming. Cheerio!

Special Arrangement

Mount Dromedary Tafoni

A sculptured gallery of tiny sandstone caves provides nesting habitat for pardalote birds


Climbing Mount Murchison

Along the climbing trail to the summit of Murchison


Darwin’s Great Tree, Annotated

Understanding the Tree Of Life analogy

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TG #22

Lake Judd Packrafting + Brewers’ Battle + Redmap – Tables Turned + Quoins


Exploring the Largest Glacial Lake of the Southwest

“…But you can always make it more difficult by carrying an inflatable boat on a 30ºC day!”

Nick Fitzgerald

The Battle of the Brewers

In a small little valley in the south of Tasmania, a war rages, every year.

Andy Wilson
Special Arrangement

What’s a Quoin?

Hidden mountains, strong corners


TG #21

Photo Tips – Wilkography + Tasmanian Cape Namesakes + Penitentiary Chapel Sphere + Redmap: Temperate Paradise


Ten Photography Tips – Wilkography

# 1 – Slow down…# 2 – Plan ahead but be flexible…

Ben Wilkinson