TG #25

Lessons from Climbing + Huon Apples + Henty Sand Dunes + Overland Gear


Gear for the Overland Track

What should you bring on a trek through Tasmania’s highest mountains?

Warwick Sprawson

The Henty Sand Dunes of the West Coast

How did the island’s largest dune system form?

Felipe Ramirez

Apples of the Huon – Part One

What do you think of them apples?

Beth Hall

Fifteen Lessons from Rock Climbing and Research

How is clambering on the rocks like conducting a research project?

Paul Monigatti

TG #24

Leaves of the Big Tree + Hartz Peak in the Summertime + Shutterbug – Maria + Redmap – Code Red


Shutterbug – Maria Island

Maria Island is a paradise for photographers….

Roy Vieth

Redmap Video Comp First Prize – Code Red In the Blue

Wouldn’t it be great if anyone who loves the ocean could contribute?

Special Arrangement

Leaves of the Big Tree

Life itself branches and branches and branches…


TG #23

Darwin’s Great Tree + Climbing Mt Murchison + Tafoni on Dromedary + Redmap – Captain


Redmap – Captain’s Address

From the Captain- Join the quest to see the true effects of ocean warming. Cheerio!

Special Arrangement