TG #41

TG #41 : Aerial Odyssey + Scorched Tarkine+ 1903 Ultramarathon + Inala


An Early Ultramarathon: The 1903 Go-As-You-Please Mountain Race

Pedestrianism at its most challenging – the early days of ultra-marathons

John and Maria Grist

TG #40

TG #40 : Drawing a Forest + Mangrove Climbing + Illustrated Earth + Giant Trees Guide Project


TG Project Update – A Visitor’s Guide to Giant Trees

We need your help: we’re looking for giant trees around Tasmania


The Illustrated Earth – Ticehurt’s Landscape Physiography

Where can you find sand, fans, forest, fjord, flatirons, badlands, and bastions in the same place?

Special Arrangement

Mangroving: Discovering the Greatest Wilderness

“You and I, with our flexible shoulder joints, grasping hands and good visual depth perception, are still well-adapted to climb in trees. And when we do, we rediscover a talent most of us never knew we had: how to depend on nature with nothing intervening in between.”

Jonathan Bloch

How to Draw A Forest

“In pictures as well as words”

Paula Peeters