TG #32

TG #32 :The Soldier’s Lens + The Pillars at World’s End
+ Melaleuca – An Alphabetical Miscellany + The Arrival of Hops


Gallipoli: Through the Soldier’s Lens

“Amidst the monotony of trench life – the flies, heat, dust, stench and thirst of the summer stalemate – they found people and events worth photographing”

Public Domain Review

The Pillars at the Bottom of the World

Usually rocks and sea landscapes have been eroded to odd and mismatched shapes. What’s most striking about these bastions is how they protrude from the sea in almost perfect geometric shapes.

Stephanie Sykora

The Arrival of Hops and the Family of Water Willie

“And although Ebenezer was producing an intoxicant that (it could be said) created negative social effects throughout his native island, he was a godly man…”

Bert Spinks

TG #31

TG #31 : Endangered Forty-spotted Pardalotes + Ancient Forest Whispers +Lost Worlds Restored + Mountaineering – the Ducane Traverse


Lost Worlds Restored – Fossil Replication

Art as an ambassador for science… the piece is often so seamless that the observer doesn’t even realize that he or she is looking at a skillful reconstruction.

Zach Fitzner

Mountaineering Tasmania – The Ducane Traverse

Notes from a mountaineer – Steep and often wind blasted and icy slopes, cliffs, occasional rock fall, slow travel across boulder fields.

Cam Walker

TG #30

TG #30: Tallest Flowering Tree Climb + The Aurora From Above + The Death of the Shearwaters + Ice Climbing