TG #35

TG #35 :Century of the Platypus + Macquarie Aurora + Underground Australia + Cruising Bass Strait: King Island


Mapping the Platypus Century

One hundred years of duck bills

Tina Schroeder

Underground Australia

A compilation of historical photographs from the subterranean world, compiled courtesy the National
Library of Australia

Special Arrangement

TG #34

TG #34 : The Stories They Tell: Oral Histories + Anatomia Universa + Sheltered Passage + Ten Tips – Shutterbug


Shutterbug – Ten Tips for Photo Editing

Ten tips to improve your photography…when you’re back from your field trip.

Roy Vieth
Special Arrangement

TG #33

TG #33 : Extreme Bioluminescence + Flying Above the Treetops at Warra + Steady Camera Tips + The Definitive Guide to Photographing Sea Sparkle


The Definitive Guide – How to Find and Photograph Sea Sparkle Bioluminescence

The definitive guide for photographing the unpredictable and rare bioluminescence at the seashore

Multiple Contributors