TG #37

TG #37 : Sapphires + Mountain Journal: Gould Plateau + Tasmanian Story (1954) + Arrowsmith’s Map


How to Find Sapphires… sort of

I guess I’m naturally attracted to pretty rocks and minerals…. What could be more fun than paddling knee high in a cold stream during Tasmanian winter, vigorously looking through sand for gemstones?

Stephanie Sykora

Five Decades Ago: A Tasmanian Story

“It is a land washed by the seas on every side…Strange tigers and prehistoric animals made the island their home.”

Special Arrangement

TG #36

TG#36: The Remarkable Acellular Slime Moulds + Cave Diving + The Kiwi Coast + Almost a Flowering Plant


The Eastern Islands: Over on the Kiwi Coast

If you like to think of Tasmania as the West Island of New Zealand, then perhaps you might enjoy thinking of those islands as the Eastern Isles of Tasmania. However, despite the cultural and botanical similarities, the geology and landscape is something different altogether. The South Island of New Zealand never fails to impress…  

Arwen Dyer

For Your Eyes Only – Cave Diving in Central Tasmania

There are wild places that nobody ever sees….except a few…

Janine McKinnon

TG #35

TG #35 :Century of the Platypus + Macquarie Aurora + Underground Australia + Cruising Bass Strait: King Island


Mapping the Platypus Century

One hundred years of duck bills

Tina Schroeder